Fleshlight Buying Guidelines: How to Choose the Best One

Do you sometimes feel lonely at night and have to go by hand to take out those sexual frustrations? Or perhaps, you frequently travel and have minimal time to spend with your partner?

In these situations what every man needs is a good fleshlight that will help him feel good every single time.

A fleshlight is a man’s trusty partner every time he feels to do it but the situation demands otherwise. It is quite handy, as many say, especially when you’re alone at night. No wonder fleshlight is one of the most popular adult toys in this industry next to dildos. Aside from being a great alternative for a real partner, this sex toy will also make every foreplay hotter and more intense.

Unfortunately, not all fleshlights in the market can deliver your expectations. There are low-end fleshlights that feels uncomfortable and unsatisfying instead of making you feel good. Thus, if you want to try a Fleshlight, below is a useful buying guideline to help you find the best one.

Step 1: Check Out the Product

Fleshlight vary in features. This adult toy comes in a myriad of colors, texture, and design. Some have the standard butt, mouth, and pussy style, whereas others come in a discreet design. Moreover, some options are rough on the skin. Meanwhile, high-quality fleshlights are more comfortable and softer to the skin.

Therefore, it is essential to check out the product before buying it. Make sure the fleshlight has all the best qualities from the material, texture, color, and style. If you are fond of realistic fleshlight, you can find some in the market that looks like an authentic body part of women. But if you want to explore more, see modern models of fleshlights like the Fleshlight Launch Design, which is a fully-automated masturbation machine that provides 180 strokes per minute. 

Step 2: Know the Brand

One way to avoid poor-quality and faulty fleshlights are by choosing a great brand. A smart buyer will select a fleshlight manufacturer that has been on the industry for years and has a great reputation. With this technique, there is a lesser chance of purchasing a low-quality fleshlight that might be harmful to the skin.

Step 3: Never Skip Reading Reviews

Asking for help from online sources through reading reviews is a wise step. It will help you find out more details about the adult toy since product reviews tend to provide buying guidelines, comparisons, as well as offers alternatives to buyers. It reduces your chances of spending money on poor quality fleshlights. Likewise, reading reliable product reviews helps in narrowing your options.

Step 4: Pick Out a Reliable Distributor

Most adults buy adult toys online because it is more discreet than blatantly walking into an adult sex toy shop. But if you are going to buy online, make sure to choose a legit and reliable distributor or marketplace. It is better to buy adult toys directly from the manufacturer, or through accredited online stores.


You have to be smart in buying a fleshlight or any adult toy for that matter. Choosing the right product will assure you of great orgasmic experience and safety.