co-incident 9?

on the left, it is an art installation in the past from an unknown artist. on the right, it is the spring ’12 louis vuitton window display. both the window display and the installation are great.

east meets west?!

being in hong kong in the 80’s, all the cool magazines were talking about east meets west. it seemed like an interesting concept back then. i was thinking maybe that was hong kong, a place where all the westerners would wear cheongsam (qipao), all the chinese would drive their mercedes benz in suits, and all […]

reflecting the time

thai film ‘uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives’ won the top prize palme d’or at cannes today. it is a story about a dying man who engages in a conversation with an apparition of his late wife and his son who has reappeared in the form of a red-eyed monkey. i am sure it’s a pretty […]

co-incident 6?

on the left, we have past tees from junk food. on the right, we have the summer ’10 ut all stars by uniqlo. i am pretty sure that’s not a co-incident. but uniqlo never claimed to be original. indeed, their mission statement is ‘to continuously provide fashionable, high quality, basic casual wear at the lowest […]

alexander mcqueen, 1969-2010

mcqueen is dead. when he was establishing himself in the global world of fashion around the time he got chosen for the gig at givenchy by bernard arnault himself, i was in school learning the craft of making clothes. every one of my classmates that was hip and cool admired him for his obvious talent. […]

tavi / wintour?

it is just me, or does tavi from style rookie looks a lot like anna wintour (from american vogue if you have to ask)? or more importantly, who has a greater influence on fashion today?

the asian galliano

there is only a thin line separating the genius from the crazies. if only this guy was born in london in the late 60’s…

the power of branding

a picture is worth a thousand words

why stop there?

the ultraman is so much stronger than kanye you know.

designers’ musical chairs

we have been compiling a helpful designer list of who’s-in and who’s-out of all the major fashion houses with their ceos and their parent companies for the past 6 months. it is in .html format for your cut-and-paste convenience. alternatively, you can open the ‘information’ tab on the right sidebar and click on designers’ musical chairs. […]

co-incident 4?

on the left, we have the classic birkin bag by hermes. on the right, we have the brand new peekapoo bag by fendi for spring 09. the birkin is an iconic bag with a history. but, it’s not the most user friendly bag to carry around – you can barely put it though your shoulder, and […]

co-incident 3?

on the left, we have a hermes bag dated before 2003. on the right we have a comme des garçons louis vuitton crossover bag from 2008. of course, we don’t dare to say our beloved rei kawakubo was copying (oh my god!). but for someone who is widely and blindedly admired for her originality, this simply shouldn’t have […]

co-incident 2?

we don’t have a thing for accusing martin margiela of copying. but, on the left we have a traditional portuguese raincoat. and on the right, we have the ‘blonde’ jacket of martin margiela spring 09 show. and we are still not saying he is copying….

essay: fashion, art and entertainment – isaac mizrahi 1.0

After a long break from fashion, Isaac is back and strong for a few years, first with Target and now Liz  Claiborne. That’s the 2.0 version. Let’s revisit my paper written in the late 90’s.   INTRODUCTION This essay is about how fashion design related to the issues of art in the 90’s. The subject […]

lincoln’s idea

a man is nothing without his views and knowing where he stands on issues. and lincoln had both firmly in place. feb 12th marks the bicentennial of lincoln’s birth. and other than his history-defining and world-changing view on slavery and the union, we want to bring this up: ‘while we do not propose any war upon capital, […]


on the left, we have the charles james anorak from the 70’s. on the right, we have the martin margiela ‘vest’ from the fall 08 couture show. and i am not saying he is copying….

the revenge of alber elbaz

yves saint laurent not only left us with lots of revolutionary fashion ideas, but also made sure we are in good hands by handpicking then-little known hedi slimane to continue his menswear and alber elbaz to carry on with his womenswear. we all know that elf sanafi sold ysl to the gucci group in 2001, […]

why coco chanel might be responsible for streetwear…

t-shirt is a staple of streetwear. it’s hard to imagine streetwear could exist without it. i mean, could you see all the street kids just wearing a cap and a shirt with jeans? t-shirt is made from cotton jersey (named for the island of ‘jersey’, between england and france). the fabrics was originally made of wool. […]

essay: thoughts on originality

being original was very important to me and my classmates when we were in parsons school of design in the late 90’s. however, i came across an interesting article on design addict a few years back. it opened my eyes and formed part of my aesthetics. with the author’s permission, here is the original piece:   […]