to fashion designers everywhere:

last time we talked about the troubles of fashion design in china. now, let’s look at the universal problems of fashion design in the world. charles frederick worth is widely considered to be the first designer to have his label sewn onto his garments in the late 1800’s. that means the existence of fashion designers […]

to fashion designers in china:

think about picking the new beijing olympic stadium back in 2003, if my design were just with bricks and cements, would i have gotten the project? let’s say you are driving a bmw. a newer model comes out and it looks great. very modern. but then you find out that the horsepower didn’t change. no […]


we were up in china last week for a meeting with a potential client. while waiting for the car to pick us up, we started to explore this ‘downtown’ area near the train station out of boredom. being brave, we wandered into this center area that resemble a fancy shoppping mall with a garden. the […]


all respected designers not only reflect his/her times, but they also push through a new aesthetics creatively and commercially. think nicolas ghesquiere, rei kawakubo, halston, yves saint laurent, balenciaga, coco chanel,….