co-incident 8?

on the left, it is a look from deacon (yes, that’s me) fall ’11. on the right, it is a look from versace spring ’12. on the left, it is another look from me fall ’11. on the right, it is a look from prada spring ’12. ok, it is almost certain that they are […]

(printed) deacon

i was shopping a month ago at givenchy and found a pair of pants i like. after i realized it’s over us $500, i decided to sample some printed pants that i can’t find anywhere else. then, i was thinking maybe i would make some allover prints tees as well. why not printed shirts? eventually, […]

to fashion designers everywhere:

last time we talked about the troubles of fashion design in china. now, let’s look at the universal problems of fashion design in the world. charles frederick worth is widely considered to be the first designer to have his label sewn onto his garments in the late 1800’s. that means the existence of fashion designers […]

to fashion designers in china:

think about picking the new beijing olympic stadium back in 2003, if my design were just with bricks and cements, would i have gotten the project? let’s say you are driving a bmw. a newer model comes out and it looks great. very modern. but then you find out that the horsepower didn’t change. no […]


we were up in china last week for a meeting with a potential client. while waiting for the car to pick us up, we started to explore this ‘downtown’ area near the train station out of boredom. being brave, we wandered into this center area that resemble a fancy shoppping mall with a garden. the […]

the 105th canton fair

risking contact with the h1n1 swine flu, we went up to guangzhou to attend the oldest trade show in china last wednesday (5/6/09). it is where you can find all kinds of factories manufacturing all types of garments and accessories you could ever want under one roof. a big roof it is: there are 15 […]

first impression

julian macdonald, who is not very high on my designers list, is a great example of how important first impression is. at just 24, he launched himself with some strong airy open knit sweater dresses. karl lagerfeld helped his case by using him for both chanel and his namesake collections. and he has been living […]

‘de nouveau’ graphic direction

we call it ‘de nouveau’, a redux of art nouveau a century later. more than a 100 years ago, art nouveau was started as a resistance to the messy compositions and the revival tendencies of the victorian era. it was underlined by a particular way of thinking about modern society and new production methods, attempting […]

the tools

some use boxing gloves for their jobs, others use machine guns. our tools are simpler but just as important. pencils are never used because there is no discipline to graphite. it makes people drawing 2 lines but only thinking once. with a pen, the opposite happens – thinking twice before drawing a single line. pentel r.s.v.p […]

a conversation with bobby hundreds

…. about fashion’s technophobia.


all respected designers not only reflect his/her times, but they also push through a new aesthetics creatively and commercially. think nicolas ghesquiere, rei kawakubo, halston, yves saint laurent, balenciaga, coco chanel,….

futuristic romanticism

‘futuristic and romantic’ is achieved in the house installation, inversion, by dan havel & dean ruck at the art league houston in 2005. the tunnel is obviously futurustic, similar to the comme des garcon new york store, yet full of humanity.

graphic language

the graphic language of a brand is like the voice of a person – it helps define who you are and it is one of the main things that people remembers about you. yves saint laurent did this early on in 1962 when he set up his business (p.27 in debut, isbn# 0810905612). for us, […]


conceptually, this chris cunningham’s 1999 video for bjork has all 3 of our characters.


we are FUTURISTIC lots of others are influenced by nicolas ghesquiére at balenciaga (so were we), but starting in fashion at the turn of the century means more for our interest in the future. less about looking like star trek, we want to create anew. we are ATHLETIC understanding anatomy and a modern way of […]