italian does it better

the right: take initiative, even when you are at the top of the food chain for a designer, it is important to be able to see, feel and experience different cultures. yves saint laurent’s pioneering spanish collection (1976), russian collection (1976) and chinese collection (1977) were good proofs of this. with the internet, the world […]

heroes & the time

the right: being creative… in the business side the heroes shape the time, or the time shapes the heroes? in the case of fashion, i would definitely say it is the latter. coco chanel once pronounced: “i set the fashion for a quarter of a century. why? because i knew how to express my own […]

a single man

the right: once in a while, people should be a bit selfish and follow their hearts. success sometimes would follow as well i am probably the last to write about this tom ford directorial debut. and i am the first to admit that i hated all those gucci collections. but i love this movie. to be expected, […]

the old enfant terrible and the new technology

the right: never stop learning and employing new technology jean paul gaultier might not be the hottest name around at the moment, but it will be your mistake to ignore him. take his marketing campaign for the first anniversary (1st birthday if you will) of his ‘madame’ fragrance, it is the most creative online promotion to date. over […]

lynn yaeger

the right: fearlessly charge into the unknown territory we are probably the last few to find out that lynn yaeger is out of a job. the village voice, where the legendary fashion critic worked for over 30 years, gave her the pink slip on dec 29, 08. we don’t know her personally, but i met her […]

…. she was never given the chance before….

the right: anyone should be given a chance simon cowell: “ok, what’s the dream?” susan boyle: “i am trying to be a professional singer.” simon: “and why haven’t it worked out so far, susan?” susan: “i was never given the chance before….” being a never-been-kissed 47-year-old, this unemployed lady wants to be as successful as elaine […]

flora by gucci by chris cunningham

the right: violently pushing the idea as far as one could while maintaining your identity this is a commercial by chris cunningham, frida giannini, and riccardo runin. the concept is crystal clear; the impact is tremendously direct. in short, this is what fashion at its best could achieve. the ‘feminine’ abbey lee actively affect her surroundings with a […]

these soles got the right soul

the right: don’t lost sight of the dna of your company we were more of a black or white converse all-stars person. you will see tons of all-stars on the feet of chain-smoking designers on 7th avenue and 40th street in new york. you know them: they wear really expensive clothes with the 30 bucks […]

paving the path for beth ditto

the right: seeing the future with contemporary art beth ditto is all the rage in fashion nowadays. she is best pal with kate moss. she was seen in the front row at all the major shows. she is on the cover of the new conde nast magazine ‘love’ by katie grand. and you would have seen that coming, if you […]

the blog and the ambition of kathy horyn

the right: being ambitious enough to push fashion forward relentlessly going to parsons right next to the byrant park more than a decade ago, my friend & classmate, somsack, and i never missed our semiannual chance to sneak into the new york shows. it’s the time of the year that awkward beauties roam the pavement on 7th avenue. […]


the right: paying attention to the business side of design you would hear fashion people talking about 80/20 all the time. my friend ce ce even named her shoe line 80%20. but what is it? the general name is ‘pareto principle’ – 80% of the result is from 20% of the effort. it means: 20% of […]

the function of fashion

the right: more than just reflecting its time, fashion should react to it as well i went to the burberry outlet last sunday and find this little piece of gem sitting at the corner rag for us 50 bucks. gribbed! ran! paid! i wanted it back in spring ’06 thinking that this editorial piece would […]

no excuses

the right: have faith in your products, unafraid of the perceived ‘adversity’ of the common man the wrong: not returning stolen goods the christies auction of the yves saint laurent and pierre bergé collection yielded a grand total of us$ 484.6 million, the largest private art auction in history. its success showed that when you have the right products, the quality […]

fashion shows

the right: viktor & rolf online show last season new york is kicking off the fall ’09 shows next week. with all the cancellations, we really don’t understand why they don’t produce online shows. one word: technophobia. we can understand why fashion editors don’t like this format; online shows lessen the ‘importance’ and the elitism of the fashion […]

another word on style

i think miss vreeland might agree with e.b. white and me. “design is an act of faith, not a trick of gimmick.” “style is the designer, and therefore what you are, rather than what you know, will at last determine your style. if you design, you must believe – in the truth and worth of […]

a market of one? or everyone?

the element of style is a great book for anyone who wants to write. i just didn’t expect that it can help a designer as well. on the last page, e.b. white concludes, “it is now necessary to warn you that your concern for the reader must be pure: you must sympathize with the reader’s […]

the power of ideas

TT and fashion? TT and branding?

say it loud and say it proud

        egon schiele hedi slimane zaha hadid moët et chandon louise bourgeois loewe if you can’t pronounce it, go to pronounce it right. look under ‘categories’, ‘brands’ and ‘fashion’ are right there. can you say ‘ha ha’?

h&m comme des garçons: maximizing a single idea

  you could say that the clothes are disappointing, the hype overbearing, or the wait exhausting, but we should notice 3 other points: 1 – was it a coincidence that kawakubo timed both collaborations – lv and h&m – so closed together? 2 – the picking of the simple concepts – polka dots – is […]