co-incident 10?

on the left, it is the burberry storefront in beijing. on the right it is a ‘buebelly’ storefront in shenzhen. really? ‘buebelly’? plain wrong.

co-incident 7?

on the left, it is a celine ad spring ’11. on the right, it is 10 crosby derek lam resort ’11. so maybe derek just really like what phoebe did. like everyone else. (if i am lucky enough to have a brand, i would hope it’s not like everyone else)


the wrong: competing from weakness last month, the latest intertextile was held in shanghai. textile mills (and their agents) all over the world were exhibiting their fall / winter 2011 fabrics collections and competing for share in the fastest growing market. bucol carries the best fancy silk. for lace, you just go to soltiss. solbiati […]

prison break

the wrong: imprisoned by our own long history 5 years ago, i was throwing around an idea of building a chinese fashion house. all the feedbacks from china were 1) copy, copy, copy, 2) make it look like a western brand, and 3) give it a european name. no one said anything about the actual […]

stop copying!

the wrong: copy blindly & stupidly once upon a time in new york, all you had to do to build a fashion business was to copy the french couture houses. you took the ferry across the atlantic ocean, tried to get into the shows, found the exact knockoff patterns, went home, and raked it in. […]

pucci and missed opportunities

the wrong: paralyzed by heritage designers stephan janson, julio espada, christian lacroix and mathew williamson all swung and missed. currently, poor peter dundas is still just looking for the bat. we are talking about a game of pucci. to many, pucci is a colorful retro-print house. i suspect that such a strong but narrow identity […]

a view on mens fashion

the wrong: using the same idea on the wrong context product design, music, fashion, architecture, and movies. which one of the above does not belong in the same group? (hints: music is about emotions. movies are about experiences. product design is about function. architecture is about belonging. fashion is about cash.) the answer is…. fashion. […]

co-incident 5?

on the left, it was raf simons for jil sander fall ’09. on the right, it is giles deacon spring ’10. and fall ’09 is right before spring ’10, meaning raf is before giles.

lose yourself

the wrong: sending the wrong message for hussein chalayan spring / summer 2010, the most important look is # 42 – hussein himself came out pulling a dali. and it is also the most disappointing. lacking the punches and the muscle from his early career, he is now reduced to a part of the fashion […]

sorry guys

the wrong: not having time to update the blog we are still very much angry, but we are also super busy with our projects in china. we take on same fashion labels in the mainland and are really trying to work our magic there. as soon as we get time to breath, we will figure […]

car, fashion, and shows

wrong: fashion show for show’s sake suggestion: learn from the concepts of car shows after the second world war, an influential school of car builders emerged in italy. their activities were 2-headed: consulting work for mass production companies and, designing expensive custom-made concepts there were pieces of art that served as a platform for the evolving […]

knock-off offender: coach 3

the wrong: knocking of the soul of another brand we really don’t mean to pick on coach, but they provide such good materials. even thought hermes was found in 1837 as a saddle shop by thiery hermès, the carriage and horse logo and well-known orange hermès boxes weren’t introduced until 1951, when the company was under the direction of […]

knock-off offender: coach 2

the wrong: capitalizing on smaller labels’ designs on the left is the pierre hardy signature bag from 2006. in the middle and on the right are the cricket summer 09 group from coach. do we have to say more? after running low on ideas from gucci (and running up the tap on the lawyers’ fee), […]

knock-off offender: coach

the wrong: unintelligent copying on the left, it is the gucci tattoo bag from 2008. on the right, it is the coach version of the tattoo bag from 2009. as if it’s not enough to knock off the monogram then made a fortune off it, coach is at it again with gucci’s tattoo concept. (not […]

follows the followers?

the wrong: building a brand based on a borrowed identity cole haan is not happening because it is following coach which is following hermes, lv, gucci…. but now, why would they try to brand themselves by combining bottega veneta with burberry? it is not the exact plaid, and they probably think it is a ‘clever’ way to […]

same path, no thinking

the wrong: taking ‘inspiration’ so literally and unintelligently anyone really think that bottle-opening buckle would become a fashion icon in the way of the gucci’s horse bit buckle? come on jimmy! (or whoever ‘designing’ it)


the wrong: building a business on a fashion bubble words from the street are that thom browne is in financial trouble. should we be surprised? started in ’01, thom has been hailed as one of the most influential mens designer (along with hedi slimane) of the 21st century. bergdorf goodman was the first to support him; and […]

maximum effort, minimum impact

the wrong: shameless cross-disciplinary self-promotion without understanding of the field someone should have introduced damien hirst to mcqueen – 10 years ago – to save him the embarrassment. besides, did anyone actually pay any attention (never mind actual dollars) to those hirst’s levi’s? it was a failure with warhol. now, when would levi’s stop doing things for minimum impact?

the next calvin?

the wrong: waiting for the next fashion saviour  people are always looking for the next donna, the next ralph, or the next calvin. (sorry tommy, we never consider you a fashion designer) but no one ever acknowledge that there may not be a next big fashion business bearing a designer’s name. consider this: after the big 3, name […]