the old enfant terrible and the new technology

the right: never stop learning and employing new technology

jean paul gaultier might not be the hottest name around at the moment, but it will be your mistake to ignore him. take his marketing campaign for the first anniversary (1st birthday if you will) of his ‘madame’ fragrance, it is the most creative online promotion to date. over the next few weeks, he will slowly reveal the secret identity of a mystery guest though his website and a network of blogs, thus ensuring the word-of-mouth internet phenomenon (no, we are not part of that network. and yes, we realize we are being ‘used’).

we speculate that the secret guest is the artist brian donnelly, better known as kaws.

lesson learned: technology is a tool like a typewriter, but you still have to come up with a story.

2 thoughts on “the old enfant terrible and the new technology

  1. think it might be kaws as well….but i am hopeing its not i been fucking wit kaws since wayyyy back and I feel like he’s getting way over exposed he might just lose his street cred if he keeps this up and am not saying nigo(bape) is better than jean Pual but he was let’s say one decade ahead of him and marc.

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