why coco chanel might be responsible for streetwear…

coco chanel

t-shirt is a staple of streetwear. it’s hard to imagine streetwear could exist without it. i mean, could you see all the street kids just wearing a cap and a shirt with jeans?

t-shirt is made from cotton jersey (named for the island of ‘jersey’, between england and france). the fabrics was originally made of wool. back then, it was only used in underwear for the longest time, until coco chanel unearthed it and use it for soft, clingy dresses on the outside. ever since then, jersey the fabric had never looked back and gained popularity with time. it seems natural now, but she was the first one who see the potential and the future in jersey, and thus, the t-shirts as fashion. like a lot of the trends and fashion existing now, chanel had a hand on most of them.

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  1. That’s a cool little bit of info! I had no idea!

    Thanks! Something cool to think about when rockin our adam bombs!

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