the revenge of alber elbaz


yves saint laurent not only left us with lots of revolutionary fashion ideas, but also made sure we are in good hands by handpicking then-little known hedi slimane to continue his menswear and alber elbaz to carry on with his womenswear. we all know that elf sanafi sold ysl to the gucci group in 2001, then tom ford took over and forced both to leave. what a mistake; it turned out that yves’s talent valuation matched his design genius.

comparing alber’s works today at lanvin and yves’s achieve, and we could see alber not only references yves’s work, they also share something deeper. what if alber were still at the realm of ysl? how far would he have taken the label? what are we missing in all this?

mr. elbaz is getting his last laugh; mr. saint laurent might be smiling up there as well.

One thought on “the revenge of alber elbaz

  1. Love the visuals. I remember feeling so sorry for Alber when he was ousted from YSL… and now he’s really having the last laugh. And the men’s collections have been shutting it down for a few seasons now too! (I was there last season when he and Lucas got a Kanye West-started standing ovation at the men’s show, literally the first standing ovation I’ve ever witnessed/been a part of at a fashion show.)
    On the flip side – just getting back from Milan, Tom Ford menswear was my favorite Italian-shown collection. Fall ’09 TF is awesome.

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