follows the followers?

the wrong: building a brand based on a borrowed identity

cole haan is not happening because it is following coach which is following hermes, lv, gucci…. but now, why would they try to brand themselves by combining bottega veneta with burberry? it is not the exact plaid, and they probably think it is a ‘clever’ way to update the weaving technique, bring it to a higher level, and thus own it. what a joke. (by the way, it is probably taken from one of those woven hemp carpet you can easily found in a chinatown near you)

a big idea is a prerequiest for resurrecting such brand. futuristic voyage for balenciaga, sex for gucci, craft for bottega, french romance for givenchy, (tiny bit quirky) status for lv, accessible ‘luxury’ for coach. oh, cole haan is so completely lost. no heritage, no direction, and apparently no idea.

suggestion: look to your parent company. using nike air was a good start. how would you push technology with a historical brand?

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