car, fashion, and shows

wrong: fashion show for show’s sake
suggestion: learn from the concepts of car shows

after the second world war, an influential school of car builders emerged in italy. their activities were 2-headed: consulting work for mass production companies and, designing expensive custom-made concepts there were pieces of art that served as a platform for the evolving and testing of new concepts of forms. without that movement, there would be no concept cars and, in turns, no sexy car shows.

take bmw’s gina (geometry and functions in “n” adaptions), it’s a visionary roadster that showcases an elastic and transformable outer ‘skin’ stretched across a moveable metal structure. that is something needed to be shown for all the hard work from the laboratory. on top of that, hundreds of thousands of the general public can simple show up at the show and check out all the concept cars, along side the production cars and the sexy chicks.

on the other hand, we have the fashion shows. the above are 3 of the ‘best looks’ (out of 96! whatever happened to editing?!) of fall 09 according to marc, ralph, and the 2 cute boys are no bmw. but we suppose a gina is too much to ask.

there are no testing of new ideas or forms. hundreds of thousands of real paying customers are excluded. fashion shows are just public relation events, parties, and elitists’ semi-annual gatherings of the past. you know something is as good as dead when a tv show is named after it.

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