lynn yaeger

the right: fearlessly charge into the unknown territory

we are probably the last few to find out that lynn yaeger is out of a job. the village voice, where the legendary fashion critic worked for over 30 years, gave her the pink slip on dec 29, 08.

we don’t know her personally, but i met her once 6 years ago. it was for some lower east side thing, something about a shop project promoting new designers and the district. i didn’t care about it, but i did want to introduce myself to judges lynn yaeger and mickey boardman of papermag. with my crazy little accessories line at the time, we talked for about 5 minutes. she won’t remember it, but the encounter was helpful in my quest. (a month later, we turned down the offer because i didn’t think we would make the fee back in the project.)

now, we dearly wish her to go on to more successful venture. she is too good for that place anyways. the voice is about the progressive kids in the city. but those same kids are about technology and the web. when the recession hit and the advertising dollars found their way online, the voice is looking at the same fate as dinosaurs. the good news is, lynn is now free to write for vogue, katie’s love, blogs, a book or 2, a tv series, etc.

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