in ’92, deacon moved to boston where he earned his degrees in mathematics and in economics. in ‘95, he relocated to new york city and got his b.f.a. in fashion design from parsons school of design. during study, he was apprenticed to geoffrey beene, jean yu, and jill stuart. upon graduation and through cecilia dean of visionaire, he assisted alex white, the fashion director of w magazine. eager to design, he then worked at emanuel emanuel ungaro and patrick robinson.

balancing a daytime job, he co-founded an accessory label – nneuhs – in ‘00 in nyc believing in a vision, innovation and function. it is not about buying “retail samples” to “borrow” ideas, nor “looking back” for “inspiration”, but looking forward. design-driven without compromising quality, each piece is crafted by hands. the design studio also counts nike, the gap, j. crew, playboy, brooks brothers, etc, as their design clients.

to bring products and process closer, in ’05 deacon moved to asia and renamed the studio dailydozen creative. while nneuhs took a back seat, he part-owned a premium denim label – vintage china – and successfully fusing the chinese culture as design element and western lifestyles as inspiration for the american and european markets. the label was eventually purchased in the summer of 2011. currently, he is bringing back the spirit of nneuhs with a new commitment and a “new” name – Deacon.

in design we trust.

(he lives in hong kong with lin lin, coco and zola, both yorkshire terriers, and otto, a maltese.)

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