heroes & the time

the right: being creative… in the business side the heroes shape the time, or the time shapes the heroes? in the case of fashion, i would definitely say it is the latter. coco chanel once pronounced: “i set the fashion for a quarter of a century. why? because i knew how to express my own […]

knock-off offender: coach 3

the wrong: knocking of the soul of another brand we really don’t mean to pick on coach, but they provide such good materials. even thought hermes was found in 1837 as a saddle shop by thiery hermès, the carriage and horse logo and well-known orange hermès boxes weren’t introduced until 1951, when the company was under the direction of […]

knock-off offender: coach 2

the wrong: capitalizing on smaller labels’ designs on the left is the pierre hardy signature bag from 2006. in the middle and on the right are the cricket summer 09 group from coach. do we have to say more? after running low on ideas from gucci (and running up the tap on the lawyers’ fee), […]

knock-off offender: coach

the wrong: unintelligent copying on the left, it is the gucci tattoo bag from 2008. on the right, it is the coach version of the tattoo bag from 2009. as if it’s not enough to knock off the monogram then made a fortune off it, coach is at it again with gucci’s tattoo concept. (not […]