the wrong: competing from weakness last month, the latest intertextile was held in shanghai. textile mills (and their agents) all over the world were exhibiting their fall / winter 2011 fabrics collections and competing for share in the fastest growing market. bucol carries the best fancy silk. for lace, you just go to soltiss. solbiati […]

co-incident 4?

on the left, we have the classic birkin bag by hermes. on the right, we have the brand new peekapoo bag by fendi for spring 09. the birkin is an iconic bag with a history. but, it’s not the most user friendly bag to carry around – you can barely put it though your shoulder, and […]

co-incident 3?

on the left, we have a hermes bag dated before 2003. on the right we have a comme des garçons louis vuitton crossover bag from 2008. of course, we don’t dare to say our beloved rei kawakubo was copying (oh my god!). but for someone who is widely and blindedly admired for her originality, this simply shouldn’t have […]

knock-off offender: coach 3

the wrong: knocking of the soul of another brand we really don’t mean to pick on coach, but they provide such good materials. even thought hermes was found in 1837 as a saddle shop by thiery hermès, the carriage and horse logo and well-known orange hermès boxes weren’t introduced until 1951, when the company was under the direction of […]