pucci and missed opportunities

the wrong: paralyzed by heritage designers stephan janson, julio espada, christian lacroix and mathew williamson all swung and missed. currently, poor peter dundas is still just looking for the bat. we are talking about a game of pucci. to many, pucci is a colorful retro-print house. i suspect that such a strong but narrow identity […]

lose yourself

the wrong: sending the wrong message for hussein chalayan spring / summer 2010, the most important look is # 42 – hussein himself came out pulling a dali. and it is also the most disappointing. lacking the punches and the muscle from his early career, he is now reduced to a part of the fashion […]


we were up in china last week for a meeting with a potential client. while waiting for the car to pick us up, we started to explore this ‘downtown’ area near the train station out of boredom. being brave, we wandered into this center area that resemble a fancy shoppping mall with a garden. the […]